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Robot Man

I created a walking animation one day for a robot, whom I quickly gave the name "Robot Man."  For the last few days, I've created more animations and built several gameplay features around this character and added many different aspects to the game, including floating platforms, buttons, sloped terrain, blast vents (don't do anything other than vent right now), the ability to punch and shoot spikes, and a jetpack.

Robot Man
Download Links:


Lately, I've been doing very little in the way of programming.  Due to the time constraints put on by school work, I've generally been turning to making some fun pixel art on the computer.  Luckily, I do have a new game coming along (a few graphics and conceptual creations are done, but programming won't begin until the entire game is laid out) that I will be working on with The Berryster.  He will be doing graphics and art, and I will be programming the game.

Here are a few of the doodles I've created over the past month or so:

Also, if you'd like to help advertise the site, please post this up with a link to "www.gmb-time.blogspot.com" or to "timeblog.tk"

Link: http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x239/drizzt8/Signatureomnomnom.png


As usual, I spent a little bit of time tinkering with a program that will take any screen and ripple it like a blast wave. It looks pretty nice, and makes some pretty cool effects! Below are two pictures, the first being the screen before it is rippled to the second which is after it has been rippled several times over. The download includes an editable along with an executable (for those of you without Game Maker or Game Maker Pro!)



Graphical Effects

Because I've had so little time to work on any sort of programming, I've decided to go back into some of my other work on games and programs and throw out some of the stuff I tinkered with.  Here's a pack of five graphical effects that I've made over the past while that I hope you'll enjoy! (Editables and Executables)

Download (only MediaFire):

Minimalistic Zombies

I've started, as is not uncommon with me, a new game in my spare time which I've entitled "Minimalistic Zombies" (name to be improved later on).  I started it in the hopes of entering it into the Gamejolt November Competition which has the theme "minimal."  I'm still trying to work out the kinks on making it fit into the competition, but in the mean time I've made some of my favorites sprites of all time!  The zombies aren't too awesome, but I really like the main character, who is thus far named "The Exterminator."

I've got a basic engine going for the game, with two animations for the zombies dying, basic movement and the AI from my Platformer AI example.  It's not too far along and all-in-all a very boring game, but I'm working to make it better as much as I can.  I will have more time to work on my various projects over the winter months, luckily, so I will be able to update the blog more frequently (I previously had two jobs and two sports all running simultaneously, but one of my jobs and both sports will soon be ending).


It's been a while since I've been able to post, and for good reason.  I've recently gotten my second job, along with taking four accelerated courses (and another required course) at my high school while playing two sports.  I haven't been able to take the time to program, but I have begun a project with Lewa called Glactris.

Glactris will be a puzzle-type platformer similar to Tetris in its gameplay.  You will pick up and drop blocks in a Tetris column with blocks falling at you from the top of the screen.  You must quickly move the blocks around to put similarly-colored blocks together, which will destroy them.  The goal of the game has yet to be fully determined, but one idea we have is to get off to the bottom of the screen by "digging" through the blocks through your placement of the tiles.

I'm sorry, but the game is very early in development, and thus we have no downloadable beta to show you.  We do, however, have a screenshot full of Lewa's wonderful new graphics!

Anyway, I hope that we can get this game done for once, since we always seem to drop projects halfway through!  This game has simple gameplay elements though, and can be completed without gimmicks fairly quickly.  After this, we can add power-ups and other elements and call it done when we see fit.  Wish us luck!

Yoyogames Community Game Project: Part 5

I entered this part of a game into the Yoyogames Community Game Project as the fifth part.  The game is still in development (not this section, but the others) but I've chosen to go out with mine and show it off a bit.  This game is just a usual shoot-em-up platformer where you are an ogre who shoots out blue blasts from his weapons.  There are a few enemies who come after you, and you rack up combos by blowing them up.  I've added online highscores here, and I hope you guys enjoy the game!



I put together a small simulation of a tapestry-sort-of-thing.  I know, very eloquently stated.  Anyway, It takes a texture, and you can stretch it and such.  Controls are in-program, so I won't post them here.  Without further ado, here it is!


Download Links:

Solanum (Screenshot/No Download)

I've been getting very little done in Solanum lately, today being the first real day I've had any free time.  I managed to get some done on a future boss, with all the graphics for his body parts complete and the "dizziness" after you hit him programmed (he sways back and forth with stars above his head).  I don't have a download, since this isn't a huge update, but I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the blog.  In fact, I've been really fretting over the fact views have dropped by a lot and I haven't put up new content.  This is for you guys who continue to check up often!

Time: Game Maker Blog
Notice the stars and seeming "sway" of the boss.
This is what will happen when he is stunned in the big fight later on.

For all the viewers, I can't wait until we finally reach the "1337" ("LEET") mark on visits!  We're close!

Sprite Reader

I put together a little example due to some posts on the GMC in a text-reading example topic I posted a while ago about whether I could make it work for sprites.  I did a little work, and although it's horrendously slow, it still works pretty well.  I wish I could make it better, but for some reason, I happened to be saving to the zip file I downloaded my old version in and it didn't save any of my progress...  So, basically all I've got is an .exe.  Anyways, try it out and tell me what you think (by the way, the picture is going to be the head of the first boss in Solanum).
Time: Game Maker Blog
Time: Game Maker Blog
Time: Game Maker Blog
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Solanum (The Facility)

I've finally decided it's time to duck down and get to work finishing this game.  I've got pretty well all of the basic functionality I want done, and now it's time to get working on the bosses, dialogue, and levels.  Finally, I've gotten to the facility (previously a mall) where there's a lot of blood due to the fierce battles between the Special Forces and Zombies, because this was where it really got loose and where the answers lie.  That's also why you're going in.  I added white turrets (only aesthetics) a new zombie spawn place, two new levels, and a large door you've got to break down with a turret.  Also, I put in the first real interactive background objects which are dysfunctional lights that you can shoot out with any gun.  They're not really there for a purpose, but they're fun to destroy none-the-less!

Main Menu
Download Links

Solanum (Start Menu!)

I just finished up working out my start menu for Solanum.  It should be fully functional with a cool scrolling background with a red faded mist and nice text for the "Play," "Quit," and "Solanum" text.  All of the text lights up with a white background when selected, and by clicking on the "Controls" text, you can unfold a menu that outlines how all of the text will work for the game.

Also, I've just put up a new level that I really enjoyed making (it took a lot more effort than others for some reason...)  It's got quite a bit of blood in it, which was fun to make, and it looks pretty cool too.  It's in the video I posted just a couple of nights ago, which was a bit of a sneak peek.  The Special Forces AI has also been improved, so I hope you enjoy that too.

Main Menu
Main Menu (contains new music and fighting Special Forces and Zombies in the background).
Download Links

Lastly, I'm going to be busy with school, work, and sports from here on out with school starting up (tomorrow).  Updates will either become less frequent or they will be smaller updates, or a mixture of the two.

Gameplay Video

I just put up a gameplay video of Solanum on youtube in case you've missed anything (secret places, unbeatable levels, or you can't find a gun) and also to try and get a few more views for the site. Also, it features a new level which I've been working on today, along with improved special forces artificial intelligence!

Solanum (Special Forces and New Levels!)

Finally, after being grounded for a few days, I've been able to put together a relatively large update featuring my new wonderful Special Forces units (SWAT team-like people who attack both you and zombies) which work pretty well when they are left to battle it out with the zombies. They have two guns, the pistol and machine gun, so watch out! They really pack a punch and can take you out quickly. Lastly, I've finally gotten several level designs from FGS_HURRICANE, so I put together two of them to show you guys (some background graphics to be done, but generally what it's going to look like as a finished product). They are city levels, so you'll find them at the end of the game.

Here are a couple of screenshots featuring the transport vehicle (no, you don't get to drive it, you just get in and it takes you to the next level and you can't return) and a Special Forces member:
Download Links:


Solanum (Turrets and Taser!)

In a nutshell, today I've added the taser and mounted turrets. There's also a secret enemy added into the level from my Yoyogame Community Game Project as a sneak peek! See if you can find it! (Hint: it is heavily tied into one of the achievements) The taser can be found on the first level and should be fully functional (unlike the knife, if actually has a radius that it hits in from the player, albeit a small one). The mounted turrets are, in my opinion, totally awesome. I have made them so when you get in them, they float up in the air and aim at the mouse with a set rotation speed, rather than instant lock on. They fire six shots at a time out of the six slots, and pack quite the punch. I've put two in the game near the end with a respawn point nearby each one. There are two types, on that can shoot in any direction, and one that can only shoot in a 90 degree arc to the left. Try them out and tell me what you think!
The red lines coming off of the turret signify its arc that it can shoot.
Download Links

Solanum (Flamethrower!)

With the help of FGS_HURRICANE from Yoyogames, I've been able to get a little help working on level design and such. While he works out levels and such and gives me ideas, I've been running off with developing new weapons for the game. FGS had a couple of great ideas for future weapons including a taser, dart gun (tranquilizer), turret, and of course, a flamethrower.

I decided to start all of this off with making the flamethrower because it fits into the game thus far much better than the others, and I like fire. A few properties of the flamethrower are:
  • It can overheat. If you shoot and shoot and it gets down to zero ammo (from 100), you will have to wait until it reaches 100 to shoot again.
  • It gains distance. The longer you shoot, the further out the flame gets until it reaches it's full distance (which, for those of you who care, is 96 pixels).
  • It's totally awesome.
I put it in a fairly early level for now so you guys don't have to fight through the usual monotonous 15+ levels until you find it. Below is a screenshot of it in use:
Download Links

P.S. I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've had a lot of work and summer homework to get to for my A.P. class, so I haven't had a whole lot of time for Game Maker.

8-Bit Project

I've wanted to make an 8-bit type of game for some time now, you know, with those cute little pixellized characters and such. I decided I'd finally get down to making one today where I put in a little demon/devil type of creature as the main character and the player can take over enemies (you blast out some red tendrils and then become them) and also you can put out these small white balls that float around you (yet to figure out what those are for...)

Anyways, here's a screenshot:
Also, the reason for the lack of any type of update on the site was because I was hard at work finishing a soon-to-be-released project for the Yoyogames Community Game Project. I've finished it up, and when the game is released, I'll put up more information.

Download Links:

Solanum (Help Needed!)

This will be my first post without a download or screenshot (sad, I know) but I have written up the Solanum storyline from what Draco and I have pieced together and I'm looking for a littler help with what should be added, changed, deleted, or what holes or issues you find in it. Also, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the game design aspect by telling me what each of the 50 levels this game will have should look like, what the people will say to you (exact text), and other odds-and-ends issues (such as where to place guns, upgrades, etc.)

Here we go!

(Quoted from my post on the Yoyogames Forums)
You were once just a normal person living in a large city. You would go around and do normal things like normal people, and you got sick like a normal person. You had the sniffles and stayed home one day from work. As you were [insert moderately dangerous household task here] you cut yourself badly (can be changed to something more easily noticeable, as the graphics are a bit small to see a cut on the player). You watch as your bloody gash closes up, turns into a scar, then recedes away into fresh skin. Immediately, you jump in your car and fly off to the hospital.

At the hospital, you meet a doctor and tell him what happened. He doesn't believe you, so you cut yourself on one of his instruments and both of you watch it heal back up. The doctor gets up and grabs the phone to tell the dean of medicine about what had happened. You get sent home, considering the fact that there isn't really anything wrong with you. Days later, government officials arrive at the door asking if you'd like to "help them out." You decline, and close the door, but then you are carried off by a Swat team due to "national security" reasons minutes later.

You are taken to a testing facility, where you are tested on by many scientists where they find that you have a mild case of a disease that decays flesh when fully infected. For you, it enables you to heal miraculously. As you are imprisoned in the testing facility, you meet a scientist who has some sympathy for you. For this reason, she helps you escape from the facility and you run away into the wild to live as a hermit.

While you are out living as a hermit, the disease is bought by a private company (what type would it be?) that says they are going to create a cure for the disease. They work on this cure for a long time until they believe they have perfected it. As long as the person being treated isn't completely infected, the cure will be able to return them to normal. After the company finishes developing this cure, they see that the disease has not infected anyone, and so they set it loose in the hopes of making great profits with their cure that only they have. All of the people who are sick will come to them to be cured, and they will make a lot of money in the process. Sadly, the company waits too long after putting out the disease to begin releasing a cure, and the disease had mutated to the point where their cure was useless. The people at the company quickly ran away, along with many of the people who had tested on you, because they knew what would happen after the infection took over.

You, of course, are sitting off in a shack in the woods completely oblivious, until you find a radio and receive an ominous message. The city had been completely overrun and very few were still alive. You had grown tired of your time as an infected mutant and wished to return yourself and all the others to normal, but you needed to find a new cure that could fix the disease as it is now. You head off into the city in search of the woman who had set you loose from the testing facility.

On the way, you meet 3 people who help you get to the woman. First, you play ten levels until you find a man who has just been infected a day before. The disease hasn't caught hold of his nervous system and brain quite yet, but it is obviously close. You cautiously approach, ready to kill him, when he speaks out. He tells you about what the virus is, what it's called, and what it does. After he is about to finish, he transforms fully into a member of the infected, and you must kill him before he kills you. You continue on until you get to the city and go to the facility you were tested at where you find a second person who tells you something important (where the woman is? But when you get there she isn't there and that's where the third person comes in?). You find the third person who tells you exactly where to find the woman, you get there, and have to protect her while she creates a cure. Then you become cured and give the cure to a higher authority who finally do the right thing and start sending out soldiers to inject the infected with the drug until they are cured.

Solanum (Starting the Storyline!)

I finally got to work on the storyline for Solanum today, which has been going very well. I've put together a pretty nice text system so that now the player and other people can talk to each other. The first NPC that you can talk to has been added today. I'm not going to release the storyline just yet, but there will be 4 people you interact with who are not zombies and will help to explain what is happening throughout the game to you and around you.

Overall, there has been very little gameplay change other than that I made it so that each gun has its own ammo, and each ammo packet gives you different amounts of ammo depending on the gun equipped. Also, whatever gun you are holding while picking up the ammo determines which type of ammo it is, slightly preserving my previous "all-purpose" ammo idea. This has made it so I have removed the "Ran out of ammunition" achievement and replaced it with a new one.
Download Links:

Solanum (Zombie Shooter's Official Name)

I've finally named the zombie shooter "Solanum" after the disease mentioned in the Zombie Survival Guide which will fit nicely with the storyline that Draco put together for me. I'll begin working on implementing the storyline shortly, but right now I have a small update with a new addition of a knife (in case you run out of ammo), new zombie graphics, and a cursor that changes depending on whether you can hit a zombie or not. Here's a screenshot of me stabbing a zombie with some of the new skins:
Try it out and also remember to read the opening comment from the zombie for a little more explanation into things. Thanks!

Download Links:

Also, please check out the review of Solanum by DeathandGrim on the Grimcast here (parts 1 and 2):

Zombie Shooter (Missile Launcher!)

Following the advice of Draco, I've made various updates to the Zombie Shooter including the addition of a missile launcher weapon, flying enemies, a new spawn place for zombies, and a new outfit for the player (zombie priest). I was hoping to make a gameplay video tonight, but due to time constraints (I have to be rested for my interview tomorrow) I don't think I'll be able to make one. Hopefully I'll have time for the next update! (Also, press [H] to open the help at any time during play).
Flying zombie crows and missile launchers in a white zombie outfit.
Oh yeah.
Download Links:

Zombie Shooter (Inventory!)

Celebrating the one month anniversary of the website with version 2.0 of the Zombie Shooter!

I've decided to expand upon my armor upgrade from the last update by adding many different types of upgrades, consisting of 5 sets of outfits each with gloves, a body piece, and a hat. These can all be found throughout the game as pick-ups. They have different effects on your health through how much they upgrade, but they are more for graphical effect than anything. The enemies also have a small update which allows them to jump after you at a much faster speed, which helps to make the game more challenging. I hope you enjoy the update!
If you think this looks oddly familiar to my Blast inventory, you're right.

Download Links:

I just added a gameplay video on youtube for this update (sorry for the quality, it's a little lacking due to some .avi issues)


Zombie Shooter (Armor!)

After finishing camp this Friday, I had an entire Saturday to crack down on the Zombie Shooter to deliver yet more functionality! I've added three more levels, one of which is inside a post office building. This is the first level in the next setting: the city. I have so far added a few graphics including a crowded skyline with many buildings, but I feel that I need more, but just what is eluding me at the moment. Any ideas for what you think should be added to make it more city-like would be very helpful! Anyways, I'll provide a list of updates:
  • Helm: This will increase your health by 50 and also give you a pretty awesome new look.
  • Body Armor: Also increases your health by 50 and changes your body.
  • Armored Gloves: Increases your health by 50 as well, and covers your hands in a red metal. Pretty awesome.
  • New Sewer Level: The last sewer level just dropped off to the right, but now I've connected it to a new sewer level stacked with explosives that leads to an uncovered manhole in the city.
  • New City Environment: I've added a new city setting with buildings on the skyline and a post office level.
  • Post Office: Inside the post office there's a wonderful corkboard with important papers, a computer, a coffee mug... Oh yeah, almost forgot about the helm!
  • Increased Priest Zombie Health: The priest zombies now have twice as much health as before.
  • Opening Logo: The game now starts of with my new Nintendo-esque logo!
  • Shotgun: The shotgun now can not shoot through enemies any more.
Another day at the office.
Download Links:

Block Drop

I created a retro-style video game called "Block Drop" in my Advanced Game Development class at camp the last couple of weeks in C++. It's a pretty basic game where you can create blocks by pressing space. After you have created 6 blocks, it will then loop through and destroy the first block you created to make the new block. You can jump on the blocks and use them to reach higher places in the levels. There are three enemies, each with different ways of movement and different properties. The largest enemies can not kill you, but will follow you around to the left or right and stop when you are on top of them. The second largest enemy will move back and forth, but is able to kill you if it hits you. The last enemy hops around and is able to kill you if it lands on you, but you can turn it into an extra block if you land on it. Below is a picture and the installer for the game:
Also, I'd like to point out that you can edit levels inside the game. There is a file in the "levels" folder that outlines the rules to making levels, and you can copy paste it into a file. I did not include this, but the grid size for the levels is 13x10 grid points. Go at it and please post your levels in the comments! Here's one I put together just now:


I think it's the hardest one I've made!

Download Links:

Zombie Shooter (Sewer level!)

I've created a sewer level for this version of the game, but I won't tell you how to get to it! Try to find out how, and in the mean time, here's a screenshot of the actual sewer area below. There are three new levels added to the game, and the last has a road on it, alluding to what is to come with the setting of the game later on. I've fixed a problem with the previous version where I forgot to take out my debugging cheat which shoots you into the church area.
Download Links:

Zombie Shooter (Music < 4 MB)

I did a bit of editing and with the introduction of the SuperSound DLL, I've been able to reduce the file size down to a mere 3.22MB, significantly down from the previous 10MB with little to no quality loss on the sounds. With the changes come bugs, so it would be great if you could test out room transitions between the church and the underground levels to make sure the music flows in and out smoothly. Also, I've added many more types of enemies, ranging from one-eyed to missing part of their skulls so you can see their brains. Also, inside the church there are zombies with priest hats! Please tell me what you think, and check out the below image for a look at the the new priest-zombies.

Zombie Shooter (Background Music)

I've just finished adding three different ambient tracks from FlashKit to the game that will appear at different levels. Rather than just have the music abruptly change, I have the different music fade in and out between levels. Look for the changes when you enter/exit the underground levels, as well as the (new) church level. I've added two new levels, including one where you find the church and one inside the church. Controls have not changed at all with this update, so I won't include a new list, but I have made the achievements that you have not earned show up in the pause menu.
Download Links (Sorry for the enormous file size, it's the music...)

Zombie Shooter (Pause Menu)

Once again, because of camp, I've been unable to make any large updates, but today I put together a small menu that will show you which achievements you have obtained. I've also solved one of the small glitches where if you jump out of the large cavern, you will not be able to jump off of the ground until you drop down. I hope you enjoy!

Here you can see all of the possible achievements after they have been unlocked.

Download Links:
WillHostForFood (currently under maintenance)

Zombie Shooter with Achievements

I've decided to do a small update with some basic achievements for the game. So far there are 12 different achievements (okay, a few of them are similar, but generally they're different) which I will not say (except for the one in the screenshot) and I hope you can find easily enough. I haven't had enough time to thoroughly test them all, but I believe you can get them all without errors. Please do a little test run through and if you get any errors, post them in the comments at the bottom of this post. I'll release the full list of achievements with the next post, as well as how to get them, so hold tight! Also, comment with which achievements you were able to find!

Download Links:

Zombie Shooter v1.3

I finished up version 1.3 today with many updates. I took Draco and NT's advice with fixing as many bugs and glitches as possible, along with adding some gameplay elements. Below is a list of the main additions:

  • Fire Shot Pickup: You will be able to light enemies on fire when shooting them.
  • Explosive Crates and Barrels: These will blow up and spurt flames, lighting zombies on fire in the process.
  • Cobblestone House: I added a new level which has a house that you can enter.
  • Body Parts: Zombies will explode into 5-6 pieces when killed, adding some gore and fun to the game.
  • Sounds: I added a few home-made sound effects to the game for shooting and such.
  • Health: You can finally die! If you avoid zombies for a little while, you will spawn green glowing balls that will heal you.
  • Death Animation: If you lose all your health, you will fall over, be eaten by zombies, and the game will restart.
  • Three More Roomes: I've added a few more levels to the game, so enjoy!
Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when you are killed (much more fun to see fully animated!)

  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot primary weapon.
  • Right Mouse Button: Shoot secondary weapon (when you have dual-wield).
  • Space: Switch weapon.
  • WASD: Move.
Download Links:

Zombie Platform Shooter: Lots of Changes!

I made several changes and additions to the platform zombie shooter I started a couple of days ago, including:
  • Pistol and machine gun shots do not go through enemies.
  • Sniper rifle added.
  • Sniper rifle and shotgun bullets go through enemies.
  • Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, and Sniper Rifle are all pick-ups.
  • 12 playable levels.
  • 2 different graphics for enemeis.
  • Enemies will lose their heads when hurt.
  • Dual-Wieldable weapons (all of them are dual-wieldable).
  • Instructions at the beginning of the game given to you from a zombie (oh, the irony).
  • Double Jump unlockable.
  • New background graphics.
Here shows the shotgun right after I shot it at an enemy with the new enemy graphics.
Download Links:

Zombie Platform Shooter

Today I decided to mix it up a bit and try out something I've never done before. Rather than go with my traditional top-down shooter view of a zombie game, I decided to make it a platformer. Using this new view, it enabled me to utilize my wonderful platformer AI engine and plug it into a real game. This worked out wonderfully (save for a few glitches, which I believe I fixed) and now I have a fully-functioning shooter! I created three weapons for the game (pistol, shotgun, and gatling gun) which all work great. The shotgun requires 5 ammunition to shoot, but deals more damage than the pistol, which uses only one ammo per shot. The shotgun is also able to kill a zombie with one shot if the zombie is close enough (as a shotgun should!) The gatling gun, which is definitely my favorite, can plow through hordes of enemies with its 15 shots/sec speed. It's slightly less accurate than the pistol, but that doesn't matter a whole lot when you are ripping through the enemies at that speed!

Above you can see the full moon (custom graphics) as well as the player facing
off against a zombie. The building to the right is a mausoleum and will spawn a
new zombie whenever you kill one.

I decided to use a global ammunition meter so the player doesn't need to think about how much ammo he has for each gun, which helps to make things easier. By far the hardest and longest task I had to do was create each level's terrain by hand. This makes for a cool effect (walking through long grass and the like) but does take some time, and thus I only have 4 levels. All of the graphics were custom-made by me today, as well as all the programming (save for the platformer AI).

  • [W,A,S,D] to move
  • [Space] to change weapons (cycle through the three)
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot (hold with the gatling gun to continue shooting).
Download Links:

Also, I managed to catch up to Guy in the Medium difficulty highscores on Unhinged! Yay!

Updates All-Around

I've done many small updates in quite a few different areas, which I will mention below.

First off, I've updated the website with new graphics, those being that it now has a few colored gradient off to the sides, as well as a more defined barrier between sidebar and the main section. Also, both of the respective areas have a light bi-linear gradient across them for yet more color. The header was also changed a bit to include colorized blocks, rather than the old green ones.

Exploration Game
I added 15 new levels to the now 31 level exploration game that I've been working on with Lewa. I also added another tree and faded scenic background element. It's not a lot of new stuff, but it is enough to screw around and have fun with! Lewa also made a few nice updates to the wall-climbing, so it works much better than before (although there are still a few known bugs with it).
The new tree!

Download Links

This isn't actually as much an update the actual game, but more of an update to the status of development. I've decided to hold off on working on it (not that I have anyway) until the next yoyogames competition has started up. I've heard from unofficial sources that it will start soon, and it appears to me to be true. I'm going to enter Blast into the competition (as long as it fits the theme) to see if I can win the $1000 first prize. Also, I have begun searching for music and sound effects for the game. If you feel at all inclined to help me out, please post in the GMC topic or here!

This is very insignificant, but I placed second in the standings for Unhinged on the hard level highscores! I'm catching up Guy!