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Zombie Shooter (Inventory!)

Celebrating the one month anniversary of the website with version 2.0 of the Zombie Shooter!

I've decided to expand upon my armor upgrade from the last update by adding many different types of upgrades, consisting of 5 sets of outfits each with gloves, a body piece, and a hat. These can all be found throughout the game as pick-ups. They have different effects on your health through how much they upgrade, but they are more for graphical effect than anything. The enemies also have a small update which allows them to jump after you at a much faster speed, which helps to make the game more challenging. I hope you enjoy the update!
If you think this looks oddly familiar to my Blast inventory, you're right.

Download Links:

I just added a gameplay video on youtube for this update (sorry for the quality, it's a little lacking due to some .avi issues)


NT said...

The inventory is nice, will any more sets be added? (There's quite a lot of space left on the screen ...)

You can't get back up after you fall off the cliff that has zombies and explodable tanks.

That's all.

Time said...

In the future, I'm going to rotate the inventory so it is horizontal rather than vertical, and add more sets of outfits (priest zombie, SWAT, army, mailman, etc.)

Which level did you fall off of? The last one, or the second sewer one?

NT said...

It's the 9th level going right (Excluding the cave). It's also the one where you can unlock the zombie hat.

You can't double jump up the ledge to go back left. I think it'd be nice to always be able to go back to the first room.

Time said...

Ah yes, I might add a little piece sticking out that you can stand on to make it so you can get back up.

Anonymous said...

1. You can still fall off the map if you accidently go backwards at the first level
2. If you get the duel wield power up with no weapons, you automatically get the pistol you started with (this isn't really a problem seeing as if you did what the game told you to, you'd have it anyway).
3. I like the zombies coming out of the building, but I think it would be cool if you made them come out of the ground in some areas. for example, you could set the program to have spawn points at various locations throughout the levels and then have the program send one out of a random preselected spot (I know making animations sucks. deal with it). That way (assuming you have a max zombie cap on the levels), any given area will have some replay value without restarting.
4. Add in a flamethrower or a missile launcher or something big. shooting zombies with guns is fun but lighting them on fire/blowing them up is even funner (I don't care if it isn't a word).
4. Sniper is way overpowered. It's fun at first, but eventually it just reduces the game play because it;s like click, you're all dead.
5. Add in more instructions so people who don't read your blog before playing can figure out how to do stuff. I suggest adding in an "h" for help option and having the zombie at the beginning say "if you get confused, press "h" to get help". That way, people will know how to use the pause and inventory menu.
6. When you're in the little house and want to change your appearance, you can't see all the options.

That aside, I really enjoy the game and the updates were great. Keep up the good work.

-Draco (teh wun en onee)

Time said...

1. I can't find a way to fix it yet, but I will!
2. You would make it half way across the game without a weapon just to find that glitch XD I'll fix it ;)
3. Good idea with the ground thing!
4. Missile launcher will probably be in the next update :D
5. Sniper will probably not hit for as much damage or something by the next update.
6. "H" help is a good one :)
7. I think I might just not show the options when in a smaller area.


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