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Started: April 1, 2010
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Version: 0.1

Robot Climb: Screen-Wrapping and Wall-Swinging

I've just released a new version of Robot Climb featuring some pretty cool additions.  First, I have included seamless screen-wrapping, so now you won't ever reach the end of the tower from left to right.  This is great because now you won't get caught on the outside of the tower and die because there is no outside.  Second, I've added wall-swinging, so now you can grab the bottom of blocks and swing across them.  You can swing above bombs and spikes, which makes it very useful, but if you get hit by anything while swinging you will fall.  You must hold to continue holding on, and releasing will make you fall.

Play the most updated version on GameJolt:
Robot Climb on GameJolt

Note: The "Latest Flash Creation" page has been taken down due to the fact I can't find a good place to put up a .swf file online without uploading it as a downloadable file and not just as an image because Imageshack.us has stopped allowing it.  Luckily, GameJolt provides this, so you can play with the link above (or here).

Robot Climb: Gameplay Changes

I've finally spent some time messing with the gameplay to eliminate that horrible dead-end problem in the game where you work your way up the tower only to have taken the wrong path and must kill yourself because of it.  In order to remove this problem, I figured I might as well add the ability for the player to make blocks explode by creating a blast when you press space.  This makes the player invulnerable to being hit for a short time and blows up the blocks around him.  Also, I've changed the tiles to be stone, so that Babel (the tower) looks more like an actual tower.  There are dark blocks in the background as well, but those are purely for aesthetics.

Large: http://bit.ly/98ddHw
Small: http://bit.ly/bDqGXb

Robot Climb: New Graphics and Parallax Scrolling

I recently just added a version of Robot Climb to the "Latest Flash Creation" page that includes parallax scrolling with trees, a mountain, a skyline, and space. No gameplay has been changed, sadly, but it has a much more colorful experience!

Small Version:
Large Version:

Robot Climb: Recent Additions

I've done some work on Robot Climb (as it has now been named) and a Facebook Group has been added for it.  So far, many have enjoyed it even though it is in a very simplistic stage at the moment.  The highscore to date has been 15,330 by my friend Travis, and we've all had difficulty getting past it!  The game creates levels as it goes along, making new, generated levels each time you get higher so the game experience is constantly changing.  Try it out on the latest flash page, or click below.