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Started: April 1, 2010
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As usual, I spent a little bit of time tinkering with a program that will take any screen and ripple it like a blast wave. It looks pretty nice, and makes some pretty cool effects! Below are two pictures, the first being the screen before it is rippled to the second which is after it has been rippled several times over. The download includes an editable along with an executable (for those of you without Game Maker or Game Maker Pro!)



Graphical Effects

Because I've had so little time to work on any sort of programming, I've decided to go back into some of my other work on games and programs and throw out some of the stuff I tinkered with.  Here's a pack of five graphical effects that I've made over the past while that I hope you'll enjoy! (Editables and Executables)

Download (only MediaFire):

Minimalistic Zombies

I've started, as is not uncommon with me, a new game in my spare time which I've entitled "Minimalistic Zombies" (name to be improved later on).  I started it in the hopes of entering it into the Gamejolt November Competition which has the theme "minimal."  I'm still trying to work out the kinks on making it fit into the competition, but in the mean time I've made some of my favorites sprites of all time!  The zombies aren't too awesome, but I really like the main character, who is thus far named "The Exterminator."

I've got a basic engine going for the game, with two animations for the zombies dying, basic movement and the AI from my Platformer AI example.  It's not too far along and all-in-all a very boring game, but I'm working to make it better as much as I can.  I will have more time to work on my various projects over the winter months, luckily, so I will be able to update the blog more frequently (I previously had two jobs and two sports all running simultaneously, but one of my jobs and both sports will soon be ending).