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Solanum (Turrets and Taser!)

In a nutshell, today I've added the taser and mounted turrets. There's also a secret enemy added into the level from my Yoyogame Community Game Project as a sneak peek! See if you can find it! (Hint: it is heavily tied into one of the achievements) The taser can be found on the first level and should be fully functional (unlike the knife, if actually has a radius that it hits in from the player, albeit a small one). The mounted turrets are, in my opinion, totally awesome. I have made them so when you get in them, they float up in the air and aim at the mouse with a set rotation speed, rather than instant lock on. They fire six shots at a time out of the six slots, and pack quite the punch. I've put two in the game near the end with a respawn point nearby each one. There are two types, on that can shoot in any direction, and one that can only shoot in a 90 degree arc to the left. Try them out and tell me what you think!
The red lines coming off of the turret signify its arc that it can shoot.
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NT said...

Looks like I missed a few updates!

The opening sequence is nice, but the "triangle" at the bottom of the messages doesn't appear under the two messages the first zombie's messages. One about eating my brains, the other is the one with the controls.

Flamethrower and Tazer were nice ideas! I think the knife is a little useless now, though.

Your YYG avatar creature scared me. It was neat, though. I killed him with a flamethrower.

The cutscene was neat, but in the room afterwards, once you fall off the cliff, you can't get up. You also can't get up the cliff at the level with the house as well.

Turrets are awesome. 'Nuff said.

Time said...

-Triangle glitch: Yeah, this one was kinda on purpose. You see, all I do is assign a variable to the message as the id of the creator and it draws the triangles, I just didn't bother with that one, since it won't stay in the full game.

-Yeah, I'm thinking the knife will become the starting weapon in the real game, and the taser and flamethrower will come MUCH later. It's supposed to be a 50 level game.

-Haha, that was the "sneak peek" from my Yoyogames level.

-I still need to fix those cliffs!

-Yes, I love the turrets as well :) The cool part is, I made it so the character is actually in the turret, so you can still get hurt in it and stuff. This way, I can add a challenge level where maybe you need to defend the base at the end in a base defense kind of way.

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