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Solanum (The Facility)

I've finally decided it's time to duck down and get to work finishing this game.  I've got pretty well all of the basic functionality I want done, and now it's time to get working on the bosses, dialogue, and levels.  Finally, I've gotten to the facility (previously a mall) where there's a lot of blood due to the fierce battles between the Special Forces and Zombies, because this was where it really got loose and where the answers lie.  That's also why you're going in.  I added white turrets (only aesthetics) a new zombie spawn place, two new levels, and a large door you've got to break down with a turret.  Also, I put in the first real interactive background objects which are dysfunctional lights that you can shoot out with any gun.  They're not really there for a purpose, but they're fun to destroy none-the-less!

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NT said...

I like the new levels and menu!

I think there should be checkpoints. Dieing on one of the final levels and having to reply it all is somewhat annoying.

Time said...

Good idea! I'll put that in the next version. Any ideas on how they can be creatively represented?

NT said...

I don't have one, sorry. Maybe something to do with first aid kits?

Also, I like the new Suggested Game section for the blog. Canabalt's an awesome game.

Time said...

First-aid kits will work :)

As for the suggested game section, Canabalt is awesome. Definitely a great game that had me addicted from the start! I can't wait for it to come out for iPhone, so I can play it any time!

As for the next update on Solanum, I'll probably put together a boss level with a giant mutant-type of thing from the facility, but I haven't been able to start (homework and my job are taking up all of my time. Quite literally, I haven't been able to even open up the file!)

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