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Genre: Platformer
Started: April 1, 2010
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Version: 0.1

Spring Break Project - Octohead

This is a new project (after the completion of Quietus) that I hope to finish over break.  This is a little platformer with many, many engine pieces all in place, including switches, doors, slopes, slamming blocks, enemies, spikes, lava, rising lava, steam, pushable blocks... Well, just a lot of things.  The alpha has 8 levels before it starts looping; try to get through them all!

-Arrow Keys: Movement

Download Links
Octohead - Alpha


Amidos said...

Nice you've done lots of brilliant work with it and with quietus :)

Amazing Time as I said to u before u are an amazing :D

turboRamble said...

I love the tiles and how when it changes room only you fade in/out. Very nicely done, that.

I'm just wondering why we can survive lava...? This game may earn a review :P

Time said...

Thanks Amidos! You're very supportive :D

Haha thanks, I'm glad that it looks nice :)
I am actually programming collisions with lava right now, I just didn't before so it wouldn't get in the way.

Johhny B said...

This is great! Keep up the good work!

-Johnny B.

Amidos said...

Congratulation for the feature in indiegames weblog for quietus :)

Anonymous said...

love you little brother!

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