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Quietus: Some Press

Quietus has seen some pretty intense public attention since its release to Kongregate on April 6, 2010.  Some name sites have reviewed the game and it even made it on today's Bytejacker episode (vote for Quietus here).  Here are a few snippets of reviews:

Quietus is the kind of game that platformer enthusiasts live on. Developer Time uses his morbid subject matter to cast you into the darkest pits of hell both literarily and physically, and it's a blast.

Quietus is a tough platformer which feels like a cross between Meat Boy and the castle levels from the 2D Super Mario games. You play a guy who has hanged himself, then been throw into a gauntlet in Hell by Death.

There's swinging spike balls, things with teeth that spring from the ground, ghostly beings and other sorts of nasty things. It starts off simple, then gets fiendishly difficult, with precision platforming essential.
À vous de guider cette âme en peine vers la délivrance à travers 40 niveaux de torture et de souffrance, chacun d'entre eux symbolisant, selon moi, un printemps de votre vie professionnelle. Oui, car, comme chacune des années de notre carrière, une fois le tableau bouclé, on se dit toujours, à tort, que jamais le suivant ne pourra être pire.
Quietus is a series of discrete single-screen platforming challenges with an emphasis on being quite difficult. It’s not easy escaping from the underworld when spiked balls on chains, enormous chomping teeth and pits of flame all want to keep you there.
The latest FlashPunk game is Quietus, by Time. In this twitch platformer, you’re charged with the task of running a gauntlet through the 40 stages of hell in order to earn your life back. Hint: it won’t be an easy task!
 Bytejacker (Free Indie Rapidfire): (11:05 is where the mention starts)
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GamePolisher Radio (15:56 - 19:03 features the review)
TimeBlog has made some cruelly devious stages where your frequent deaths are caused by your skill (or lack thereof) and not the inadequacy of the level design, physics, or controls. When coupled with a badass orchestral rock theme and sprites that ride the line between adorable, silly, and creepy, the play sings… B+

Over the past 16 days since its release, Quietus has managed to garner over 30,000 plays on Kongregate alone, not including the other 20+ sites on Google that have hosted the games themselves (without my permission, but hey, who's complaining?)  I really encourage you to try it out, as even if you have already played it as I've added chests to every level, music, a graphical change or two, and a bonus if you beat all the levels with all the chests.  Thanks to Liam Berry (theBerryster) for his wonderful music!

Spring Break Project - Octohead

This is a new project (after the completion of Quietus) that I hope to finish over break.  This is a little platformer with many, many engine pieces all in place, including switches, doors, slopes, slamming blocks, enemies, spikes, lava, rising lava, steam, pushable blocks... Well, just a lot of things.  The alpha has 8 levels before it starts looping; try to get through them all!

-Arrow Keys: Movement

Download Links
Octohead - Alpha

Quietus - Complete!

I've finally completed Quietus!  After deciding to reduce the level count to 40, I've finally added a small ending cinematic to the game and it is complete!  Controls are as follows:
  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Down: Open Chest
  • Space/Enter: Move Cinematics

Download Links: