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Solanum (Flamethrower!)

With the help of FGS_HURRICANE from Yoyogames, I've been able to get a little help working on level design and such. While he works out levels and such and gives me ideas, I've been running off with developing new weapons for the game. FGS had a couple of great ideas for future weapons including a taser, dart gun (tranquilizer), turret, and of course, a flamethrower.

I decided to start all of this off with making the flamethrower because it fits into the game thus far much better than the others, and I like fire. A few properties of the flamethrower are:
  • It can overheat. If you shoot and shoot and it gets down to zero ammo (from 100), you will have to wait until it reaches 100 to shoot again.
  • It gains distance. The longer you shoot, the further out the flame gets until it reaches it's full distance (which, for those of you who care, is 96 pixels).
  • It's totally awesome.
I put it in a fairly early level for now so you guys don't have to fight through the usual monotonous 15+ levels until you find it. Below is a screenshot of it in use:
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P.S. I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've had a lot of work and summer homework to get to for my A.P. class, so I haven't had a whole lot of time for Game Maker.


Anonymous said...

good work man you make me happy how much your doing with this game, one day you'll be a legit game programmer and that's serious!

Time said...

Thanks a lot, you're very encouraging!

J said...

Very impressive work.

You're planning on going to UM Engineering, right?

Time said...

Yup :)

J said...

I approve.

Time said...

Glad to hear it :D

J said...

You should definitely come down to 926 Woodlawn next time you're in A2.

Time said...

Sure will :D

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