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Solanum (Special Forces and New Levels!)

Finally, after being grounded for a few days, I've been able to put together a relatively large update featuring my new wonderful Special Forces units (SWAT team-like people who attack both you and zombies) which work pretty well when they are left to battle it out with the zombies. They have two guns, the pistol and machine gun, so watch out! They really pack a punch and can take you out quickly. Lastly, I've finally gotten several level designs from FGS_HURRICANE, so I put together two of them to show you guys (some background graphics to be done, but generally what it's going to look like as a finished product). They are city levels, so you'll find them at the end of the game.

Here are a couple of screenshots featuring the transport vehicle (no, you don't get to drive it, you just get in and it takes you to the next level and you can't return) and a Special Forces member:
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NT said...

For some reason, the semi-infected person disappeared after the cutscene instead of letting me kill it. I also couldn't go back after going forward in the truck.

The Special Forces are nice, and I really like the new levels!

Time said...

-The infected person part has a few bugs (usually, you'll blip to the other side of the screen for no reason, or he'll just disappear for no reason. I think I know what the problem is though!)

-You're not supposed to be able to go back after you get in the truck (I'll maybe show it smoking and/or exploding when you stop, to signify that you went a long way, and then it broke down, so you can't just walk back).

Thanks a lot for playing :) I made the Sp. Forces even better once I put out the new update, they're much smarter and the zombies put up a better fight (they jump too!) Check out the video for a sneak peek (you can jump near the end to see it, if you'd like).

NT said...

About the truck, I thought the blog read "you can go back".

My mistake.

Time said...

Oh, okay, that makes sense :)

For the next update, I'm putting together a menu system, which will be completely awesome if the design in my head ends up working out!

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