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Solanum (Screenshot/No Download)

I've been getting very little done in Solanum lately, today being the first real day I've had any free time.  I managed to get some done on a future boss, with all the graphics for his body parts complete and the "dizziness" after you hit him programmed (he sways back and forth with stars above his head).  I don't have a download, since this isn't a huge update, but I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the blog.  In fact, I've been really fretting over the fact views have dropped by a lot and I haven't put up new content.  This is for you guys who continue to check up often!

Time: Game Maker Blog
Notice the stars and seeming "sway" of the boss.
This is what will happen when he is stunned in the big fight later on.

For all the viewers, I can't wait until we finally reach the "1337" ("LEET") mark on visits!  We're close!

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