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Solanum (Zombie Shooter's Official Name)

I've finally named the zombie shooter "Solanum" after the disease mentioned in the Zombie Survival Guide which will fit nicely with the storyline that Draco put together for me. I'll begin working on implementing the storyline shortly, but right now I have a small update with a new addition of a knife (in case you run out of ammo), new zombie graphics, and a cursor that changes depending on whether you can hit a zombie or not. Here's a screenshot of me stabbing a zombie with some of the new skins:
Try it out and also remember to read the opening comment from the zombie for a little more explanation into things. Thanks!

Download Links:

Also, please check out the review of Solanum by DeathandGrim on the Grimcast here (parts 1 and 2):


NT said...

I like the name.

I like the knife idea, but it only works when you have ammo. :P I also never found the easter egg.

Time said...

Seriously, only with ammo? That's quite the mistake! I'll have to fix that then!

The easter egg is a key ;)

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