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Solanum (Starting the Storyline!)

I finally got to work on the storyline for Solanum today, which has been going very well. I've put together a pretty nice text system so that now the player and other people can talk to each other. The first NPC that you can talk to has been added today. I'm not going to release the storyline just yet, but there will be 4 people you interact with who are not zombies and will help to explain what is happening throughout the game to you and around you.

Overall, there has been very little gameplay change other than that I made it so that each gun has its own ammo, and each ammo packet gives you different amounts of ammo depending on the gun equipped. Also, whatever gun you are holding while picking up the ammo determines which type of ammo it is, slightly preserving my previous "all-purpose" ammo idea. This has made it so I have removed the "Ran out of ammunition" achievement and replaced it with a new one.
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