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Zombie Shooter (Missile Launcher!)

Following the advice of Draco, I've made various updates to the Zombie Shooter including the addition of a missile launcher weapon, flying enemies, a new spawn place for zombies, and a new outfit for the player (zombie priest). I was hoping to make a gameplay video tonight, but due to time constraints (I have to be rested for my interview tomorrow) I don't think I'll be able to make one. Hopefully I'll have time for the next update! (Also, press [H] to open the help at any time during play).
Flying zombie crows and missile launchers in a white zombie outfit.
Oh yeah.
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NT said...

-You can view your inventory inside the Church. Well, some of the items.
-There are no spawn points to the right of the house, so after you kill all the enemies, there's no more. Plus, you can't go to the left of the house because the cliff is to high, so I was unable to kill things with my rocket launcher D:

That's all.

Time said...

-I'm going to fix this one now
-Oops! That will be in the next update!

I edited the top message of the website, take a look!

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