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Zombie Shooter (Armor!)

After finishing camp this Friday, I had an entire Saturday to crack down on the Zombie Shooter to deliver yet more functionality! I've added three more levels, one of which is inside a post office building. This is the first level in the next setting: the city. I have so far added a few graphics including a crowded skyline with many buildings, but I feel that I need more, but just what is eluding me at the moment. Any ideas for what you think should be added to make it more city-like would be very helpful! Anyways, I'll provide a list of updates:
  • Helm: This will increase your health by 50 and also give you a pretty awesome new look.
  • Body Armor: Also increases your health by 50 and changes your body.
  • Armored Gloves: Increases your health by 50 as well, and covers your hands in a red metal. Pretty awesome.
  • New Sewer Level: The last sewer level just dropped off to the right, but now I've connected it to a new sewer level stacked with explosives that leads to an uncovered manhole in the city.
  • New City Environment: I've added a new city setting with buildings on the skyline and a post office level.
  • Post Office: Inside the post office there's a wonderful corkboard with important papers, a computer, a coffee mug... Oh yeah, almost forgot about the helm!
  • Increased Priest Zombie Health: The priest zombies now have twice as much health as before.
  • Opening Logo: The game now starts of with my new Nintendo-esque logo!
  • Shotgun: The shotgun now can not shoot through enemies any more.
Another day at the office.
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NT said...

Obtained all the achievements and armor. The armor was a nice update.

I think there should be more zombies that have a longer range of attack. Currently, they all have to be by you, so they're easy to kill.

As for improving the city landscape, I don't know what to add. Maybe try basing it off a real city?

P.S. I've yet to play Block Drop, will do so in a day or two (Hopefully).

Time said...

I'm thinking of doing a slight copy of the "hunters" from Left 4 Dead where they can jump at you from across the map for a more immediate threat.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about "Block Drop!"

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