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Block Drop

I created a retro-style video game called "Block Drop" in my Advanced Game Development class at camp the last couple of weeks in C++. It's a pretty basic game where you can create blocks by pressing space. After you have created 6 blocks, it will then loop through and destroy the first block you created to make the new block. You can jump on the blocks and use them to reach higher places in the levels. There are three enemies, each with different ways of movement and different properties. The largest enemies can not kill you, but will follow you around to the left or right and stop when you are on top of them. The second largest enemy will move back and forth, but is able to kill you if it hits you. The last enemy hops around and is able to kill you if it lands on you, but you can turn it into an extra block if you land on it. Below is a picture and the installer for the game:
Also, I'd like to point out that you can edit levels inside the game. There is a file in the "levels" folder that outlines the rules to making levels, and you can copy paste it into a file. I did not include this, but the grid size for the levels is 13x10 grid points. Go at it and please post your levels in the comments! Here's one I put together just now:


I think it's the hardest one I've made!

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Amidos said...

I couldnt pass the second level :(

But I dloved the game graphic effects

Time said...

Is the second level the on with the large pillar and the enemy on top? Just use space to drop blocks next to the wall, then jump up on top and get to the other side while avoiding the enemy ;)

I'm glad you liked the graphics, I was one of the only people to use all home-made graphics in my class!

NT said...

It's pretty fun, I got stuck on one level where the max blocks I could make was 8 and the door was at the top left. I think there should be a restart key.

I like the effect with the background.

Time said...

Press [R] to restart ;)

Glad you like the background, it was just something I was screwing with for the first week or so of the class.

Also, what you need to do for the level you couldn't finish was to jump and drop blocks really fast, so that one will land on top of your "1" block, then you jump on that and you can just make the ledge :)

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