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Started: April 1, 2010
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Gravity Grid

Addition - Open Source Download

This is a springs system developed by another developer I met online whom I've made a few games with. He created the initial program, while I tacked on a system of springs that was slightly more advanced and also added four "modes" to show. You can use "points" mode, which will display the points as... well, points. You can also used the grid mode, which will draw it in a grid with different colored vertices depending on stresses. The texture mode and color mode are my two favorites, as the texture mode can display it as a distorted image and the color mode looks a bit like water. Controls are shown during play.


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Anonymous said...

if you hold down the mouse for about a second in the top left-hand corner, the grid gets messed up. Set a max and min for the ups and downs on grid size

Time said...

Yeah, I should probably add a minimal and maximal value for the size, but this is mostly just to use as a sandbox toy, not really as a professional finished product. I've actually recreated it in C++ at my camp as a background effect for my platformer game. I'll probably post that up when I finish (although, it isn't Game Maker...)

Anonymous said...

reupload pls

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