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Started: April 1, 2010
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Cube Runner Clone

This program was my second venture into using Game Maker's 3D functions. I am still quite inexperienced with Game Maker in this regard, but I hope to get better in the future. As for some background on this game, it was created as a clone of the game "Cube Runner" for iPod where the player is a small object that runs forward dodging cubes in the process. The game runs forever and the player has to try and top the highscore. Using simple spheres, cubes, and textures, I put this together one evening just to try out making 3D games and it went pretty well. Below is a screenshot of gameplay:


Sarah said...

Cube runner is really cool game, i play this on my phone when trying to sleep :)) there is also pc version http://cuberunnergame.com

Anonymous said...

cube runner is a nice small retro game, you can play it from smartphones, desktop or laptop and smart devices. The free versione can be played online http://freecuberunner.com

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