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A Generic Tower Defense

I decided to create "A Generic Tower Defense" to show some people in my programming class how easy Game Maker is to use as opposed to using Visual Basic and C++. This game I consider pretty well finished (unlike some other people who think I should keep working on it) and I'm glad to put it out here. The controls are very simple to use, consisting of a lot of left-clicking on things, and pressing [space] for the next wave. There are 6 different towers to choose from:

(Below pasted from the Game Maker Community topic)
  • Basic Tower: Starts with a mid-level attack range with an AOE shot and upgrades to higher range, shooting speed, damage, and AOE.
  • Ice Tower: Stops enemies that it shoots who come within its very small range. Upgrades to longer lengths of freeze.
  • Poison Tower: A tower that shoots poison darts that will poison enemies into being hurt for a period of time. Upgrades to longer poison time and a higher shooting speed.
  • Flame Tower: Blasts flames in a radius that will damage any enemy nearby. Good early on, but can be near useless later on. Upgrades to shorter times between explosions and more damage.
  • Epic Tower: An expensive tower that shoots quickly and with very damaging bullets. Does not upgrade.
  • *NEW* Darkness Tower: This tower spits out small enemy-seeking missiles that will continue to hunt down enemies for a period of time that can be increased through upgrades.

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