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Out of the Vault: Water Engine

I made this engine a little while ago and was quite proud of it at the time. It simulates 2D water waves on a quite processor-heavy scale, but gives a pretty cool effect. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that the waves do not spread outwards in a normal manner, which was the ultimate downfall of this project. As you can see, the waves do not stay constant and move outwards, but rather force is picked up along the line, and it seems to act like more of an absorptive jello. Anyways, the controls and such are all listed in the game, and there are many sliders to screw around with to help you achieve your own effect.

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If you look off to the bottom right of page (below the affiliates box), I have added the online highscores list for Unhinged, so if you play you can find them!

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