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Zombie Shooter v1.3

I finished up version 1.3 today with many updates. I took Draco and NT's advice with fixing as many bugs and glitches as possible, along with adding some gameplay elements. Below is a list of the main additions:

  • Fire Shot Pickup: You will be able to light enemies on fire when shooting them.
  • Explosive Crates and Barrels: These will blow up and spurt flames, lighting zombies on fire in the process.
  • Cobblestone House: I added a new level which has a house that you can enter.
  • Body Parts: Zombies will explode into 5-6 pieces when killed, adding some gore and fun to the game.
  • Sounds: I added a few home-made sound effects to the game for shooting and such.
  • Health: You can finally die! If you avoid zombies for a little while, you will spawn green glowing balls that will heal you.
  • Death Animation: If you lose all your health, you will fall over, be eaten by zombies, and the game will restart.
  • Three More Roomes: I've added a few more levels to the game, so enjoy!
Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when you are killed (much more fun to see fully animated!)

  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot primary weapon.
  • Right Mouse Button: Shoot secondary weapon (when you have dual-wield).
  • Space: Switch weapon.
  • WASD: Move.
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NT said...

The death animation is nice. Some more suggestions:

-You can't see the text when you get Dual Wield.
-Show what gun you have in the HUD somewhere.

... And that's all for now.

Time said...

Yeah, I will probably lower the dual-wield's position on-screen. As for what gun, I'll get on it once I get larger/nicer graphics for it :)

Soon to come along will be achievements as well!

A few known bugs include a problem with movement where if you release the movement key (left/right) between rooms you will continue to move in that direction after you enter the next room. Another problem is that the ammunition/health is shown in the middle of the screen in the house level, and the last known bug is that movement back to the first room from the second does not work. I believe I can solve the second issue, but the first and third I am having endless trouble with.

I'm currently at camp for this week and the next, so updates to the blog will be few and far between! A bonus, though, is that I may post up some C++ creations, rather than all Game Maker ones!

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