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Genre: Platformer
Started: April 1, 2010
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Version: 0.1

Updates All-Around

I've done many small updates in quite a few different areas, which I will mention below.

First off, I've updated the website with new graphics, those being that it now has a few colored gradient off to the sides, as well as a more defined barrier between sidebar and the main section. Also, both of the respective areas have a light bi-linear gradient across them for yet more color. The header was also changed a bit to include colorized blocks, rather than the old green ones.

Exploration Game
I added 15 new levels to the now 31 level exploration game that I've been working on with Lewa. I also added another tree and faded scenic background element. It's not a lot of new stuff, but it is enough to screw around and have fun with! Lewa also made a few nice updates to the wall-climbing, so it works much better than before (although there are still a few known bugs with it).
The new tree!

Download Links

This isn't actually as much an update the actual game, but more of an update to the status of development. I've decided to hold off on working on it (not that I have anyway) until the next yoyogames competition has started up. I've heard from unofficial sources that it will start soon, and it appears to me to be true. I'm going to enter Blast into the competition (as long as it fits the theme) to see if I can win the $1000 first prize. Also, I have begun searching for music and sound effects for the game. If you feel at all inclined to help me out, please post in the GMC topic or here!

This is very insignificant, but I placed second in the standings for Unhinged on the hard level highscores! I'm catching up Guy!

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