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Zombie Shooter (Sewer level!)

I've created a sewer level for this version of the game, but I won't tell you how to get to it! Try to find out how, and in the mean time, here's a screenshot of the actual sewer area below. There are three new levels added to the game, and the last has a road on it, alluding to what is to come with the setting of the game later on. I've fixed a problem with the previous version where I forgot to take out my debugging cheat which shoots you into the church area.
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NT said...

-You still can't go left from the house (Hill is too high)
-After Entering the Sewer (I found it :P), I couldn't kill the zombies with a sniper.

And is there only one sewer level? I fell off the edge in it.

Was a nice update though.

Time said...

1. I probably won't bother fixing this (might or might not)
2. That is weird, I'll have to test!

That is the only sewer level for now, but I'll be making a couple more ;)

I'm glad you liked the update!

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