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Zombie Shooter with Achievements

I've decided to do a small update with some basic achievements for the game. So far there are 12 different achievements (okay, a few of them are similar, but generally they're different) which I will not say (except for the one in the screenshot) and I hope you can find easily enough. I haven't had enough time to thoroughly test them all, but I believe you can get them all without errors. Please do a little test run through and if you get any errors, post them in the comments at the bottom of this post. I'll release the full list of achievements with the next post, as well as how to get them, so hold tight! Also, comment with which achievements you were able to find!

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NT said...

Achievements. Nice :P Ones I've gotten:

-20 Kills in one level
-50 Kills in one level
-Regenerated a full life's worth of health in one level
-100 Kills in one level
-Obtained 1,000 ammunition at one time
-Lit 5 enemies on fire
-Obtained All Guns
-Lit 10 enemies on fire
-Lit 20 enemies on fire
-Found and entered something (Got when entering the house, couldn't read it well.
-Ran out of ammunition

So, I got 11/12 achievements.

Also, in the last room with the house, you can't double jump up the cliff and go left.

I also thinking adding a pause menu that shows the achievements you've gotten and your kills would be nice.

Time said...

Good idea with the pause menu. I've planned on making it so it shows them somewhere, but I haven't had the time to do so. You did a good job! 11/12 is great, and you almost got the last one from the looks of it ;)

There are a couple known glitches right now:
-If you jump up from the cavern area and onto land, you can't jump until you drop off into the lower area.
-The house achievement's text is too long for it to all show on the achievement.
-If you hold down a key (left/right) and let go between rooms, it will keep you moving in that direction in the next room.
-You can't get back to the first room.

If you've found anything else, please mention it!

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