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Zombie Platform Shooter

Today I decided to mix it up a bit and try out something I've never done before. Rather than go with my traditional top-down shooter view of a zombie game, I decided to make it a platformer. Using this new view, it enabled me to utilize my wonderful platformer AI engine and plug it into a real game. This worked out wonderfully (save for a few glitches, which I believe I fixed) and now I have a fully-functioning shooter! I created three weapons for the game (pistol, shotgun, and gatling gun) which all work great. The shotgun requires 5 ammunition to shoot, but deals more damage than the pistol, which uses only one ammo per shot. The shotgun is also able to kill a zombie with one shot if the zombie is close enough (as a shotgun should!) The gatling gun, which is definitely my favorite, can plow through hordes of enemies with its 15 shots/sec speed. It's slightly less accurate than the pistol, but that doesn't matter a whole lot when you are ripping through the enemies at that speed!

Above you can see the full moon (custom graphics) as well as the player facing
off against a zombie. The building to the right is a mausoleum and will spawn a
new zombie whenever you kill one.

I decided to use a global ammunition meter so the player doesn't need to think about how much ammo he has for each gun, which helps to make things easier. By far the hardest and longest task I had to do was create each level's terrain by hand. This makes for a cool effect (walking through long grass and the like) but does take some time, and thus I only have 4 levels. All of the graphics were custom-made by me today, as well as all the programming (save for the platformer AI).

  • [W,A,S,D] to move
  • [Space] to change weapons (cycle through the three)
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot (hold with the gatling gun to continue shooting).
Download Links:

Also, I managed to catch up to Guy in the Medium difficulty highscores on Unhinged! Yay!


T-Dub said...

Graphics are great.
I don't think that the bullets for the default gun should shoot all the zombies that are in line.

NT said...

The game froze when I was in the 4th level shooting. The graphics and AI are good, though.

Time said...

I was hoping that glitch had been fixed, but apparently not :P

As for the bullets, I'm hoping to make them stop at zombies, which would work for all bullets except for the sniper, which I will be adding today.

I'm glad you guys like the graphics and AI :) I'll probably attempt to make the ground better looking by blurring it, but other than that I'm happy with all the graphics so far :D

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