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Zombie Shooter (Music < 4 MB)

I did a bit of editing and with the introduction of the SuperSound DLL, I've been able to reduce the file size down to a mere 3.22MB, significantly down from the previous 10MB with little to no quality loss on the sounds. With the changes come bugs, so it would be great if you could test out room transitions between the church and the underground levels to make sure the music flows in and out smoothly. Also, I've added many more types of enemies, ranging from one-eyed to missing part of their skulls so you can see their brains. Also, inside the church there are zombies with priest hats! Please tell me what you think, and check out the below image for a look at the the new priest-zombies.


Anonymous said...

I got all achievables and found a couple of intersting things.
1. you can't look at achievements while in house
2. if you have no weapons when you pick up the duel wield, you automatically get the starting gun
3.if you walk backwards at the start, you can fall off the map

that's all thats new. you can check out my post I made a while ago for what I want to see and I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but destroyable terrain is pretty cool too.

I like the sounds.


Time said...

1. That was on purpose (the font would have to be too small)

2. That will have to be fixed!

3. That is a problem and I'm going to fix it soon :)

I put in as much as I could from the last one (flying zombies to be added ;D) and I think destructable terrain would be awesome, but I don't know if I could make it!

Glad you like the sounds :)

Amidos said...

looks awesome :) I will download it :)

Time said...

Glad you think so! I'm thinking I'll max out on 50 different levels for this game in total. I'll probably get into city-like levels later on, a boss or two, and then I'll be done. I don't want to try making it a long epic adventure or anything, just something small. :)

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