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Started: April 1, 2010
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Platformer AI

I've become obsessed with making AI opponents recently, which led to my development of a platformer AI for enemies. They hop, they walk, and they go after the player, and you can use it if you want! I've put up a .gmk version of the game as well as an executable with fully commented code for your programming usage. If you feel the need, I'm allowing full access to the sprites/images and such as well (although they aren't incredible on any scale). Here's a screenshot of gameplay below (includes a flying sword that you can use to defend yourself and pelt the enemies with repeatedly until they die):

  • Arrow Keys for movement
  • [Space] to toggle the sword.
Download Links:


Also, if you'd like to look to the bottom right of the sidebar, there is an affiliate section. I've been picking and choosing sites to try and get a little advertising to get this blog out. If you'd like to become an affiliate, please e-mail me at c.ullmann@hotmail.com with the name of your site, the URL, and the image for your affiliate banner (88x31 image). I will send you my banner as well, which will appear as below:


Anonymous said...

Thanks. it really helped me

I put the credits in the game =)

Snerrir Halgridsson said...

You probably won't read this, but I felt an urge to thank you, so thank you, sir or madam.

Samson Zhang said...
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Samyak sambit said...

the file doesn't show in gamemaker:studio's search

plz send me the commented code at mail--realssm113@gmail.com i will b grateful.

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