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The Blog! (...And a Life Simulator!)

The Blog!
This is an all-purpose blog created as a showcase for my Game Maker works over the last couple years. I have created everything from top-down shooters to platformer adventure games to artificial intelligence simulations to softbody physics examples and I want to show them off! Most of what I have worked on I do not consider finished, but I think it is still worth putting out there for people to see.

To start off this wonderful new blog, I've decided to post up a little simulation I've been working on un-creatively named "Life." This simulation is made to simulate a small habitat with two large monsters, up to twenty small "prey" creatures, and abundant food sources for the prey.

Rules of the Simulation:

-Will only eat when they are hungry.
-Will become slightly hurt by whatever they eat depending on the number of spikes on the creature.
-Will only hunt prey that they can kill without being mortally wounded.
-Will sleep when they are hurt to regain their health.
-Will only eat other smaller animals.
-Will walk around if they aren't sleeping and aren't chasing food.
-Will display exclamations of their feelings (pictures below).
From left to right: Hungry, hungry and looking for food that has hidden itself, hungry and chasing food, and not hungry.

-Will run away from predators if they see them.
-Will look for a mate if there aren't too many prey on the screen at once.
-Will eat grass if they can see it.
-Will gain spikes if they eat grass (and will deal more damage to the predators as a result when eaten).
-Will walk around if they can't see grass, a mate, or a predator.
From left to right: Baby prey, looking for mate, running from predator, and spiked.

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