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Zombie Shooter (Pause Menu)

Once again, because of camp, I've been unable to make any large updates, but today I put together a small menu that will show you which achievements you have obtained. I've also solved one of the small glitches where if you jump out of the large cavern, you will not be able to jump off of the ground until you drop down. I hope you enjoy!

Here you can see all of the possible achievements after they have been unlocked.

Download Links:
WillHostForFood (currently under maintenance)


NT said...

I got all the achievements. It would of been hard without the image you posted, since there's no way of knowing what to do to obtain them.

Mainly the 10,000 ammunition at one time. Never would of guessed - that may just be me, though.

Also, other than the bugs you've previously mentioned, the achievements go away if you quit and replay. It'd be nice to save them.

Time said...

I'm currently saving them as a global variable inside my controller object, and when you die, I just restart the game, so all the information is lost. In the future, I may either write it to a text file, or make it so when you die you just go to the menu, but hopefully those problems will go away.

Do you think I should show the player the description for the achievements they need to get?

Anonymous said...


Time said...

Alright, I'll change it to show the player the achievements before they obtain them now. I'm going to upload a new version today with (sadly, once again) only a few changes. I'll probably only include maybe one or two new levels, but I will also have background music to go with it!

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