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Life Simulation: Update!

I decided to add a little update to "Life" since I got bored today. Generally, it is graphical with the addition of trees, nicer graphics for the herbivores, and footsteps for the carnivores, but there are also a few changes with the actual AI and overall concept with the addition of a night and day system which limits sight among the creatures (i.e. their walking ranges and hunting ranges are decreased to be much smaller) as well as a fun little random rain here and there that I thought would fit in nicely (effect by Game Cave Effects Engine). The herbivores also take a few bites by the carnivores to kill, and they will run a bit quicker when injured because they're more scared. The emotion-signs that the creatures display will always stay inside the room, making it easier to track them once they're outside the window. Here's a screenshot of what I've got:
If you look closely, you can see the carnivore's tracks, as well as the new sprites for the herbivores. There's also a tree or two in there, and you can see that one of the herbivores is hurt and sleeping. The emoticon for sleep is also a new addition above the predator.

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