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Quietus - Complete!

I've finally completed Quietus!  After deciding to reduce the level count to 40, I've finally added a small ending cinematic to the game and it is complete!  Controls are as follows:
  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Down: Open Chest
  • Space/Enter: Move Cinematics

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Broxter said...

Congrats, dude!

I quite enjoyed it, although I only got to level 16. :P

By the way, when I first played it, there were no levels in the menu so I had to clear it before I could play the first level...

Time said...


It's meant to be obscenely difficult, so no worries ;)

That's odd. I don't know exactly how to test that, since I have played it and it didn't do that for me :/

Broxter said...

To test it, upload it to swfcabin again (but don't make it public) and it will be treated as a different game, so there will be no save data. Then you can check if that happens for you too...

Time said...

Good catch, I just got it to work! The reason it was different for me was because I originally played it while skipping the intro, and it loads correctly when you do that. If you watch it, it won't show the first level. Thanks! I'll reupload with a fixed version :)

Broxter said...


jrodman said...

Unfortunately the controls aren't that good. The instant-start with a fairly high speed movement with very narrow landing spots -> annoying.

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