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Started: April 1, 2010
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As usual, I spent a little bit of time tinkering with a program that will take any screen and ripple it like a blast wave. It looks pretty nice, and makes some pretty cool effects! Below are two pictures, the first being the screen before it is rippled to the second which is after it has been rippled several times over. The download includes an editable along with an executable (for those of you without Game Maker or Game Maker Pro!)




NT said...

It's neat, but I do wonder when a new demo of Solanum will come up. :P

Do you get all these images from DeviantArt?

Time said...

I do actually get them all from DeviantArt! I have a favorite artist, Taenaron, who has some quite incredible artwork.

As for Solanum, I haven't had a chance to program anything that takes more than about 20 minutes for a while now. I'm hoping to finish up that boss soon enough, but I haven't had the time to work on it as I've got finals coming up and I've been obsessed with graphical work!

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