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Robot Climb: New Graphics and Parallax Scrolling

I recently just added a version of Robot Climb to the "Latest Flash Creation" page that includes parallax scrolling with trees, a mountain, a skyline, and space. No gameplay has been changed, sadly, but it has a much more colorful experience!

Small Version:
Large Version:


turboRamble said...

How'd you make it randomly generate the level, while still keeping it possible? I've always wanted to do that, but never figured out how.

turboRamble said...

Oh, and that's for both Game Maker and FlashPunk.


Time said...

The general idea for it is to randomly generate terrain, under the condition that if you hit this scenario:

----- = The line where I'm generating
[] [] = Two blocks with a space in between

...you make sure not to cap off the space. This takes away 90% of dead-end situations, but some still exist, which is why I added explosives, to make sure you can get by whenever you need to.

turboRamble said...

Any chance you could post an explanation (as a blog post or something) or maybe and editable, because I'm still really confused.

Time said...

Sure, I'll put one up with Game Maker in a bit.

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