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It's been a while since I've been able to post, and for good reason.  I've recently gotten my second job, along with taking four accelerated courses (and another required course) at my high school while playing two sports.  I haven't been able to take the time to program, but I have begun a project with Lewa called Glactris.

Glactris will be a puzzle-type platformer similar to Tetris in its gameplay.  You will pick up and drop blocks in a Tetris column with blocks falling at you from the top of the screen.  You must quickly move the blocks around to put similarly-colored blocks together, which will destroy them.  The goal of the game has yet to be fully determined, but one idea we have is to get off to the bottom of the screen by "digging" through the blocks through your placement of the tiles.

I'm sorry, but the game is very early in development, and thus we have no downloadable beta to show you.  We do, however, have a screenshot full of Lewa's wonderful new graphics!

Anyway, I hope that we can get this game done for once, since we always seem to drop projects halfway through!  This game has simple gameplay elements though, and can be completed without gimmicks fairly quickly.  After this, we can add power-ups and other elements and call it done when we see fit.  Wish us luck!


NT said...

It looks nice, and I look forward to a demo. :)

I have the habbit of quiting projects when halfway done with them, as well.

Time said...

Thanks ^_^ Lewa's done almost all of it; I've just been the idea guy. But I did make the original drawing of the character!

It's quite a crippling habit. I always have trouble working through it with my projects, but Solanum will hopefully pull me through (I haven't been working on it, but I plan to over the next long break I have).

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