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Started: April 1, 2010
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Yoyogames Community Game Project: Part 5

I entered this part of a game into the Yoyogames Community Game Project as the fifth part.  The game is still in development (not this section, but the others) but I've chosen to go out with mine and show it off a bit.  This game is just a usual shoot-em-up platformer where you are an ogre who shoots out blue blasts from his weapons.  There are a few enemies who come after you, and you rack up combos by blowing them up.  I've added online highscores here, and I hope you guys enjoy the game!


NT said...

I like the graphic style a lot! The gameplay was a bit too basic and didn't change much, though.

Also, I had to quit the game after submitting my score due to the game not resetting and my score would just drop down to 0 and decrease from there.

Time said...

Thanks for responding! I was going for a quick game, so I didn't go terribly in-depth (it's just one of 12 levels in a community game, so I wasn't looking for anything to large).

As for the error with submitting your score, I'll take a look into it :)

Thanks for responding!

Nick Janssen said...

This is an example of a game that is so chaotic in both gameplay and graphics that I like it very much! Good job!

Time said...

I'm glad you like it! I spent a few days putting it together, and I really enjoyed making it!

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