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Robot Climb: Wind and Spike-Man

In this latest update, I've added quite a few small changes along with some rather large ones.  There now exists wind, which doesn't affect gameplay at this point but should in the future, and I've added a new enemy boringly named "Spike-Man."  He simply rises and falls predictably, and if you get too close he gets angry and pushes out his spikes and knocks you back.  Also, a bug in the last version has been fixed where, if you get too high, blocks will appear too infrequently to the point where you can't go higher.  Now, blocks will come less frequently as you rise, but the smallest block frequency will be one in every seven spaces.  Without further ado, here is the link to GameJolt with this latest version, along with a screenshot!

GameJolt Link:
GameJolt: Robot Climb

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