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Little Skel - Alpha VI

I've now finished the tenth level to Little Skel and production is going wonderfully!  I now have added small blocks, fading blocks, and an enemy that travels back and forth, along with four more levels from the previous version that are much harder.  I will continue to add more and more obstacles as needed as I progress through the creation of the game, but I'd love to have any and all ideas you can come up with to help out with the cause! Below is a screenshot of the last level (so far) and the download to the sixth alpha version.

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turboRamble said...

Wow, I think Time could turn into the next Matt Thorson in terms of difficult skill/reflex platformers. Little Skel is amazing, but I think that the level organization is way off. It took me forever to figure out level 1, to the point of almost quitting. Most of the rest of the levels were pretty easy.

In the final you'll definitely want some stats (deaths, killed by, amount of treasure collected, etc) and something showing what level you're on, as well as saving / loading and a level select, if possible.


Time said...

I've decided to rename the game for a more grim and dreary feel by calling it "Quietus," which means "rest," but is a euphemism for death.

I'm certainly hoping I can get to the level of Mr. Thorson with his wonderful platformers! Right now I'm just throwing in levels as I go and I plan on completely reordering them once the game is complete.

Level one is now the last level in the next version I will put out ;)

I think I'll start adding up those counters and maybe have the game show you all of your stats at the end once you finish the last level for the next version. The level select is also a really good idea, I think I'll add that.

I'm going to have to take a look around the FlashPunk forums and see if I can find out how to save across plays, because at the moment I have no clue!

turboRamble said...

Definitely try a level select, because although level 1 was extremely difficult and frustrating, once I figured it out I wanted to play it again (though keep it as the last level). The precision needed for it was perfect. You're definitely on you're way, man. Don't let those critics out there tell you otherwise as you're gonna go far (and if they say it a bad game, tell them that they probably couldn't make a game even close to this level of quality).

This is one of the few good action/skill/reflex platformers out there made for Flash, so I think it can definitely go far. Keep working on it and I think it will get some features and reviews all accross the indie world.

Don't stop ;)

Time said...

Thanks a ton! You don't even know how much your support helps :D

I just put in the next version with 18 levels, so you can try your hand at those ;) Also, I'm definitely going to add a level select in the future, but it might not be in the next update or two since it fairly intensive to make.

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