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Quietus - Alpha VII (Renamed from Little Skel)

I've finally discovered a much better name than "Little Skel" for my latest development: Quietus.  I've come up with most of a storyline, which has led to some gruesome- and sad-looking graphic art for banners and main screen graphics and such.  The main idea of the game is that you are a man who has hanged himself due to his isolation and, immediately after, were confronted by the Grim Reaper who offered you a deal.  By making it through a gauntlet in hell, you would be returned to your life as a man with everything he desired.  Naturally, you immediately accept and are then thrust down to hell where your skin peels off and you are left as your skeletal self and must defeat trials of great difficulty in order to obtain that which you desire.

Here is some banner art I made up for the game:

"it really does look amazing.  The colour palette, the precision, the style, the atmosphere... Wow." -Broxter
  • Synced up the rotating spike ball-chains and the lava demons (as well as the smashers, which are newly introduced).
  • Smashers (shown below in white with bloody teeth).
  • 18 levels.
  • Altered starting splash-screen.
  • Main screen.
  • Opening cinematic.
  • Screen shake from large worm.
  • New background with blinking eyes.
Screenshot of gameplay:

Download Links:
Quietus - Alpha VII


turboRamble said...

An idea I had was maybe you could crouch down so that when you're standing on a platform right above a swinging spike you could go under it (through the chain)? Could add some more interesting gameplay.

Time said...

I was thinking that same thing, although all I've really heard is that people are finding the game too easy now! I need to find a way to make the levels more difficult and that would reduce some of the timing elements in-game...

Anonymous said...

Very fun to play through. The giant worm is definitely my favorite part. Instead of getting the spheres from the chests, you may want to make it so you get keys instead. That way, you’d have to move around the level a bit before you could open the exit. And I really like the graphics for the volcano.


Time said...

The volcano graphics are my favorite when you get killed and it goes slo-mo :)

I made the screen shake from the giant worm for this update, which I hope makes the effect even better than before!

That would be pretty cool; that way I could make the game focus less on score (once I add score ha) and more on completion and timing, while adding another layer of depth. Good idea!

turboRamble said...

Working on my reviews now; where do you want me to post them when I'm finished?

turboRamble said...

Uploaded the review to my new site (Wordpress has been down for a while now): http://turboramble.blogspot.com/2010/03/quietus-review.html

Time said...

Very well done! That is a great review that I'll definitely be using in the future!

I added a post with the review above, thanks very much :)

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