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Quietus - Alpha VIII

For this update, which is significantly smaller than the previous, I've made the addition of two much harder levels to go with the eighteen from before to make up an even 20 playable (and beatable!) levels.  Also, I've made a huge edit to the opening dialogue, making it much more explicit as to what the storyline is about.  I think this is as far as I will go with the storyline and main-screen from here on out, unless there is something brilliant that comes to mind or is suggested.  Below are two screenshots: one of the opening dialogue, and the second of the 20th level.

Download Links:
Quietus - Alpha VIII


turboRamble said...

Maybe you could have a highscore thing just so we can see how many people, who, and how many times they have beaten the game (just with a legend which includes usernames maybe). Just an idea for a later version.

Time said...

Highscores would be good. I was thinking about adding them, but I'd need to ask T-dub first, considering he made them for Robot Climb and I'm still completely inexperienced with anything beyond normal Flash and GML coding. I'm working right now, as a matter of fact, and have a 21st level just completed. I might go for adding the selection screen right now!

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