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Robot Man: YYG Competition 5 Entry

I worked a bit over this break on Robot Man in the hopes of entering it in the newly declared 5th Yoyogames Competition with a theme consisting of "games that can be played on a handheld platform."  This limits screen size to 480x272 maximum and controls to only the space bar and arrow keys.  Luckily, Robot Man can be conformed to those standards, and thus I've decided to work on it and enter the competition.  Some updates from the previous version include:
  • Vents now push you.
  • One jump.
  • Purple mountains (aesthetic only).
  • New enemy (puff-ball that I've nick-named "Floaty").
  • Spikes.
  • Sand level.
  • Smooth room transitioning.
  • Large tree in the first level (aesthetic only).
  • Scratched billboard (aesthetic only).
  • The ability to be hurt has now been added (you cannot die, but you do flash red and get pushed around).
  • Floating spirit of Robot Man in the first level to show you how he will look at the end of the game.

Robot Man v.2
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